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Employment Equity Facilitators

People Listing

Alex Adronov

Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Director, Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research (BIMR)

Baraa Al-Khazraji

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Marjan Alavi

Assistant Professor (SEPT)

Catherine Anderson

Associate Professor, Linguistics and Languages

Monica Anderson

currently on leave

Human Resources Consultant

Konstantinos Apostolou

Assistant Professor, Program Chair

Tracy Arabski

Director, Health Research Services

Kyle Armstrong

Program Coordinator, Engagement and Wellness

Erin Aspenlieder

Associate Director, Program and Educational Development Group

Rabia Awan

Administrative Assistant - Academic II, Philosophy

Christina Baade

Professor, Communications & Multimedia

Lauren Bahrami

Camps and Clubs Coordinator

Dylan Bailey

Administrator (Faculty Affairs)

Dorothy Bakker

Assistant Dean, Mac-Care Program

Mohamed Bakr

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Karen Balcom

Associate Professor, History

Christina Ballarano

Administrative Assistant, Human Resources, H.SC

Georgios Balomenos

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering

Sarah Barrett

Manager, Human Resources (CAPA)

Sean Beaudette

Manager, Educational Initiatives & Assessment

Kyla Beavers

HR Partner, University Advancement

Alexa Behar-Bannelier

Program Manager, Integrated Biomedical Engineering And Health Sciences

Marshall Beier

Professor, Political Science

Karen Bird

Professor and Chair, Political Science

Claudia Bizzarro

Executive Assistant, VP Academic

Dawn Boardman

Manager, Academic and Staff Operations

Jennifer Borowicz

Coordinator - Recruitment/Appointments

Sarah Bouma

Director, Administration (Pediatrics)

Leslie Brandreth

Executive Assistant to the AVP and Dean of Graduate Studies

Steven Bray

Professor & Acting Chair, Kinesiology

Lisa Brenn

Director of Administration and Finance, Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Seanna-Lin Brodie-Keys

Director, Research and Planning

Kristin Brownridge

HR Generalist

Bettina Brueggemann

Assistant Professor, Economics

Amber Bukata

Manager, Staffing Administration

Mark Busser

Manager, Experiential Education

Robin Cameron

Professor, Biology

Kaitryn Campbell

Research Coordinator/Librarian, (HE&I)

Ana Campos

Director, School of Interdisciplinary Science

Heather Carr

Executive Officer

Jennifer Caruk

Coordinator, Academic Appointments and Records

Trevor Chamberlain


Ruth Chen

Assistant Dean, Academic Resources & Department Education Coordinator

Tony Chetty

Associate Professor, Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Patrick Clancy

Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Andrea Colbert-DeGeit

Executive Officer/Executive Assistant to the Dean

Andrea Cole

Coordinator, Graduate Student Recruitment, Retention and Diversity

Daniel Coleman

Professor, English & Cultural Studies

Rebecca Collier

Faculty Secretary

Sarah Collier

Manager, Human Resources, Family Medicine

Heather Colwell

Associate Director, Development

Leslie Cooke-Bithrey

Director, Human Resources

Joanie Cooke

Manager, Office Administration

Gordon Cooledge

Senior Manager, Purchasing & Culinary, Hospitality Services

Rita Cossa

Associate Professor, DeGroote School of Business

James (Jim) Cotton

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Brad Coughlan

Talent & Recruitment Strategist

Jeff Coveyduck

Finance Manager, Surgery

Adrienne Crossman

Assistant Professor, School of the Arts (SOTA)

Sarah Cumin

Manager, Academic & Staff Operations, Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences

Kari Dalnoki-Veress

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Juliet Daniel

Professor, Biology

Anna Danielova

Associate Dean - Faculty Affairs and Accreditations

Amber Dean

Associate Professor, English & Cultural Studies

Darren Deering

Director of Administration, Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact (HE&I)

Cassandra DeMedeiros

Senior HR Advisor

Cara-Jane Dempsey

Coordinator, Faculty Leadership & Development

Jeffrey Denis

Associate Professor, Sociology

Sheryl Derry

Operations Manager, Health Sciences Library

Nancy Devlin

Manager, Education Enterprise (Family Medicine)

Connor Dougherty

HR Partner, Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact (HE&I)

May-Marie Duwai-Sowa

Employment Equity Specialist

Kelly Edge

Administrative Assistant to the Chair, Faculty Relations (Oncology)

Barb Eftekhari

Manager, Faculty Appointments and Records

Wael El-Dakhakhni

Professor, Martini, Mascarin and George Chair in Masonry Design

Laura Ellis-Turan

Senior HR Strategic Partner

Pam Elmhirst headshot

Pam Elmhirst

Manager, Faculty Affairs

William Farmer

Professor, Computing and Software

Paul Faure

Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

David Feinberg

Associate Chair, Graduate and Associate Professor (PNB)

Tina Fetner

Associate Professor & Chair, Sociology

Cristina Foley

Manager, Career and Experiential Programs

Elizabeth Fonseca

Academic Coordinator, Pediatrics

Helen Freire

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Goran Galic

Assistant Professor

Melanie Garaffa

Associate Director, Talent, Equity and Development

Paula Gardner

Asper Chair in Communications/Associate Professor (CSMM)

Deb Garland

Manager, Vaccination Validation Team

Raquel Gavey

Manager, Residence Building Operations

Carol Gerritsen

Executive Officer

Amanda Giacomino

Manager, Human Resources

Christine Gibson

Program Manager, School of Nursing

Sophie Goellnicht

Administrative Coordinator, English and Cultural Studies

Lori Goff

Director, Macpherson Institute

Jaymi-France Gohil

HR Partner, Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences

Jennifer Gough

Manager, Administration (Family Medicine)

Gillian Goward

Professor & Chair, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Jennifer Graci

Manager of Finance and Data Analysis

Matheus Grasselli

Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

Baninder Grewal

Senior HR Strategic Partner

Jessica Hart

Manager, Faculty Relations

Chad Harvey

Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Science

Mishi Hassan

HR Manager, Family Medicine

Khaled Hassanein

Associate Dean - Graduate Studies and Research

Francesca Hernandez

Global Experience Coordinator

Katherine Hesson-Bolton

Diversity Employment Coordinator

Karin Hewlett headshot

Karin Hewlett

Senior HR Advisor - Service Intake Team

Faiza Hirji

Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Media Arts

Thi Ho

Director of Administration, Oncology

Paul Hoag

Executive Chef, Hospitality Services

Sophia Holness

Senior Manager, Mosaic Sustainment Organization

Mary Hotson

Administrative Assistant, University Library

Rachel Huang

Assistant Registrar, Administration

Claudia Huelgas

Program Administrator

Karin Humphreys

Associate Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behavior

Delia Hutchinson

Administrator, Anthropology

Elizabeth Iarusci

Test/Exam Coordinator

Natalie Illingworth

Finance Manager, Family Medicine

Salina Jaffer

Administrator, Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Cathy Jager

Nurse Manager Education/Wellness

Natasha Johnson

Associate Professor, Pediatrics

Ameil Joseph

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Lydia Kapiriri

Associate Professor, Health, Aging and Society

Oanh Kasperski

Director, Marketing and Community Engagement

Ksenija Kasumovich

Department Manager, Anesthesia

Peter Keir

Professor, Kinesiology

Marzena Kielar

Manager, IT Reporting & Data Warehouse

Reanna Klamot

HR Manager, Obys & Gyn

Rafael (Rafi) Kleiman

Professor and Chair, Engineering Physics

Liz Koblyk

Associate Director, Wilson Leadership Scholar Award

Leslie Kocsis

Department Administrator, Mechanical Engineering

Megan Lacy

Administrative Assistant, Department of Pediatrics

Julie Lajoie

Assistant Clinical Professor, Anesthesia

Sarrah Lal

Assistant Professor, Medicine

Krupa Lalloo

Associate Director, HR

Ray LaPierre

Professor, Engineering Physics

Mark Lawford

Professor, Computing and Software

Laura Lawson

Communications Officer, Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact (HE&I)

Ryan Liddell

Director, Advancement Services & Operations

Chia-Yu Lin

Manager (Development & Research)

Lisa Loughridge

Employee Experience Advisor

Graeme Luke

Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Luciana Macedo

Assistant Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science

Meagan MacKenzie

Assistant Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

Yvonne Maidment

Director of Administration, School of Nursing

Dave Mammoliti

Acting Director, Executive Education

Michele Mantock

Business Manager

Elizabeth Marquis

Associate Professor, School of the Arts (SOTA)

Giovanna Marrelli

Interim Associate Director

Tara Marshall

Associate Professor, Health, Aging & Society

Lee-Anne May

Operations Coordinator, Surgery

Jennifer McCleary

Director, Student Experience

Susan McCracken

Associate Dean, Academic

Joseph McDermid

Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Wanda McKenna

Assistant Vice-President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Nancy McKenzie

Senior Manager Academic Project and Reviews

Brent McKnight

Assistant Professor

Paul McNicholas

Professor and Canada Research Chair, Mathematics and Statistics

Giuseppe Melacini

Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences

Aadil Merali Juma

Assistant Professor, DeGroote School of Business

Prashant Mhaskar

Professor/Chair, Chemical Engineering

Bruce Milliken

Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

Clare Mitchell

Chief Operating Officer

Emad Mohammad

Associate Professor

Michael Moore

Manager of Sustainability, Urban Design & Space Planning

Anna Moro

Associate Professor, Linguistics and Languages

Brenda Morrison

Administrator, Labour Studies

Paola Morrone

Budget Assistant/Business Analyst

Margaret Moscardini

Staff Operations Administrator

Marcy Murchie

Director of Administration

SeonHong Na

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering

Alice Naphtali

Operations Site Coordinator, Health Evidence and Impact (HEI)

Moncef Nehdi

Professor and Chair, Civil Engineering

Aimee Nelson

Associate Professor & CRC (Tier II), Kinesiology

Bruce Newbold

Director & Professor, School of Earth, Environment & Society

Eu-Gene Ng

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Chris Nicol Photo

Chris Nicol

Human Resources Manager, Libraries

Mayu Nishimura

Assistant Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

David Novog

Professor, Engineering Physics

Susie O'Brien

Professor & Chair, English and Cultural Studies

Paul O'Byrne

Finance and Operations Manager, Oncology

David Ogborn

Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Multimedia

Faith Ogunkoya

Manager, Black Student Success Centre

Andrew Olagunju

Assistant Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences

Ayo Osinowo

Program Coordinator, Employment Equity

Jackie Osterman

Assistant Dean, Humanities

Jennifer Ostovich

Assistant Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

Richard Paige

Professor, Computing and Software

Laura Parker

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Tejal Patel

Physician Director, Family Medicine

Kathryn Paulin

Accounting Assistant

Tanja Petrovic

Operations Site Coordinator (SJH)

Kathy Petrunti headshot

Kathy Petrunti

Manager, HR Operations

Andre Phillion

Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Andrew Pieon

Marketing & Communications Strategist

Beverley Pindar-Donick

Director of Finance and Administration, PNB

Grace Pollock

Research Support Facilitator

Suzanne Prashad

HR Business Partner

Andrew Price

Senior Research Accountant, Research Finance

Juliette Prouse

Director of Finance and Administration, FSS

Pau Salvador Pujolas Fons

Associate Professor, Economics

Lihua Qian

Administrator, Economics

Christine Quail

Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Multimedia

Cheryl Quenneville

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Kellie Rabak

Marketing and Community Engagement Manager

Kim Raskob

HR Coordinator/Recruitment Specialist

Sourav Ray

Associate Professor

Maikel Rheinstadter

Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Frances Roesch

Director of Administration, Obs & Gyn

Mel Rutherford

Chair and Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

Wendy Ryckman

Administrator, Political Science

Maya Sabados

Graduate Program Coordinator, School of Biomedical Engineering

Lina Samuel

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Kalaichelvi Saravanamuttu

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Caitlin Schmid

Human Resources Coordinator

Lisa Schwartz

Professor, Health Research Methods, Evidence And Impact

Ravi Selvaganapathy

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Sumanth Shankar

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Alison Sills

Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Julianne Simpson

MacPherson Institute

HR Partner

Gurmit Singh

Professor & Associate Chair Research, Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Sandra Singh

Supervisor, Parking

Annamaria Skrtic

Production Coordinator, Operations & Production

Greg Slater

Professor, School of Earth, Environment & Society

Jenna Smith

Senior Human Resources Strategic Partner

Antoinette Somo

Executive Officer & Senior Academic Coordinator

Stephanie Springgay

Director, School of The Arts

Sam Stambula

User Activities and Scientific Outreach Coordinator (CCEM)

Cathy Stampfli

Academic Coordinator, Family Medicine

Leslie Steinberg

Business Manager, Medicine

Elliot Storm

Educational Developer

Chris Sylvester

Budget Assistant/Advisor

Banushaa Theiventhiran

Faculty HR Coordinator

Connie Thibideau

Manager (HR, Operations)

Andrea Thomas-Murphy

Administrative Assistant, Financial Affairs

Samantha Thompson

HR Strategic Partner

Joel Tiller

Marketing and Community Engagement Manager

Frances Tuer

Assistant Professor

Ayse Turak

Associate Professor, Engineering Physics

Rebecca Van Beurden

Administrative Assistant

Madeline Van Impe

Administrator, Sociology

Allison Van

Executive Director, Centre for Research in Empirical Social Science (CRESS)

Madeleine Verhovsek

Associate Professor, Medicine

Manish Verma

Associate Professor

Nicole Wagner

Assistant Professor

Clare Wallner

Assistant Professor, Medicine (Emergency Medicine)

Clare Warner

Senior Advisor (Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism)

Liz Way

Senior Associate Registrar - Aid & Awards

Michael Wells

Senior Human Resources Strategic Partner

Lydell Wiebe

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

Allison Williams

Professor, School of Earth, Environment & Society

Rob Wilton

Professor, School of Earth, Environment & Society

Greg Wohl

Assistant Professor/Associate Chair (Undergraduate) Mechanical Engineering

Rebecca Woodworth

Administrator, Biology

Hao Yang

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering

Melike Yilmaz

Research Coordinator/Adjunct Assistant Professor

Catherine Young

Senior Manager Administration & Catering

Kim Zarzuela

Manager, Marketing & Communications