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The Career Progression document shows several job positions aligning to various levels and employee groups. You can use the document to determine where you currently are, and where you would like to be. There are no limitations to how you can move around within the framework. As an employee at McMaster University, you have many options available to you. These include:

  • The ability to lateral from one level in a ladder across to a different ladder at the same level.
  • Progressing diagonally from one level in a ladder upwards to a higher level in a different ladder.
  • Moving upwards from one level in a ladder to a higher level in the same ladder.

Moving from one position to another is determined by the skills you’ve acquired, your experience, and the competencies required for the new position. Being prepared for a given role will position you as a good candidate when the position becomes available within the organization.


Jobs in this area include those with oversight of student academic records and related student services.



Jobs in this area include those with oversight of the technology that supports and enables teaching, learning, research, and administrative activities for the campus.



Jobs in this area combine many different disciplines which maintain and balance the supply and demand of services, supplies, and equipment for McMaster University.



Jobs in this area include those with oversight for financial planning, budgetary concerns, and other matters when it comes to departmental budgets and spending.


Human Resources

Jobs in this area include those related to HR roles, including Human Resources Services, accessibility, equality, and other roles related to creating a fair and equal workplace.