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Employment Equity Census

All McMaster faculty and staff (including interim and student employees) are invited to participate in the confidential “Diversity Counts” Employment Equity Census.

Log into Mosaic with your MacID and password and navigate to Employee Self-Service to complete the census online.

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The Employment Equity Census is ongoing. You can update your employment equity census information at any time. We encourage managers, supervisors, chairs and directors to share the census flyer and/or census postcard with new employees, committee members and post on information boards within your areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Employment Equity Census is a confidential survey developed as part of the University’s commitment and efforts to enhance equity and inclusion, which is essential to our academic and service excellence.

The three main reasons for the census include:

  1. Understanding the current composition of our workforce;
  2. Identifying our university’s most significant areas of under-representation; and
  3. Tracking our progress in achieving an equitable and representative workplace

In accordance with the Employment Equity Act, the census collects information on the federally designated groups: Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Métis and/or Inuit), Racialized Persons, Disabled Persons or Persons with Disabilities and Women.

As an extension of McMaster’s commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging, the census also collects data on Gender Diversity, Sexual Orientation and Religion or Creed.

The census data is used to inform continuous efforts towards achieving and measuring progress in the following areas:

  • Diverse representation
  • Equity in employment policies, procedures, systems, practices etc.
  • Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace

Learn more about the intended use of the census data.

The personal information collected in the census will be handled in compliance with the McMaster University Notice of Collection, Use and Disclosure Statement and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of Ontario (FIPPA).

Please refer to the Employment Equity Census Statement of Collection for more details on how your information is protected.

Census information is carefully protected and the data collected is reported in anonymized aggregate form only, unless otherwise stated, to maintain the privacy of respondents. Individual responses are not shared with hiring managers or supervisors, and access is restricted to designated individuals on specific teams with responsibility for employment equity reporting.

The census data guides evidence-based decision making, enables the university to be more proactive instead of reactive with planning, resources, etc., and helps to inform programming and support for a more inclusive workplace.

High completion rates provide a more accurate reflection of the diversity of our community, and as a result, more reliable data to advance inclusive excellence initiatives.

How to Complete the Census

1.     Online

All active McMaster employees (including interim and student employees) can access the census online in Mosaic at any time following the effective start date of their appointment.

Log in with your MacID and password and follow these steps to complete the census online:

  • From the Mosaic Portal, click the down arrow beside “Mosaic Home” and select “Employee Self-Service”
  • Find and select the tile for “Employment Equity Census”

For more information, please refer to these Instructions on how to complete the census online in Mosaic.

If you need assistance with your MacID or password, please review the information provided by University Technology Services (UTS).

If you are unable to complete the census online for accessibility reasons, please consider the alternative options below:

2.     Paper

  • Print a PDF version of the census.
  • Please provide the following required information and complete the census:
    • Name:
    • McMaster Employee ID:
    • Date of Census Completion:
  • Once completed, drop-off or mail in an envelope marked “Confidential” to:
    • Employment Equity and Workplace Experience Initiatives
    • Human Resources Services
    • Gilmour Hall 304
    • 1280 Main St W
    • Hamilton ON, L8S 4L8

3.     Alternate Format

Please contact

It is strongly encouraged that all faculty and staff (including interim and student employees) will participate in the census, however, completion i.e., disclosure/self-identification is voluntary.

While we aim to obtain the most complete workforce data, in recognizing the sensitivities around requesting and disclosing personal self-identification information, the census has been designed with the following considerations:

  • Should you wish to opt out of completing the census, please select “No” on the “Do you wish to complete the census” question.
  • Each self-identification question allows you to select “Prefer not to answer” as a response.
    • If you do not wish to answer a specific question, please select “Prefer not to answer” as a response.

Great care has been taken to ensure the options for self-identification on each question are as inclusive as possible, and individuals have complete autonomy on how they choose to self-identify based on the categories or groups provided.

However, self-identification within these broad categories could be complex and individuals may describe themselves differently from the listed options.

In recognition and acknowledgement of these sensitivities, there is an opportunity provided to specify a group(s) that better describes how the individual chooses to self-identify, if a suitable option is not included on the list.

  • Each self-identification question provides the option to select “Another [applicable Identifier] not listed: ____” and respondents may specify by filling in the blank
  • Each self-identification question also provides the option to select “Prefer not to answer” as a response

Our goals and aspirations to be a welcoming and inclusive community that prizes respect, collaboration and diversity is a collective responsibility and can only be achieved with the commitment and support of the entire community.

Your participation in the census helps to provide more accurate information about the diversity of our population and is a clear way, among other ways, to demonstrate commitment and support towards advancing employment equity goals and inclusive excellence priorities.

Previous responses can be updated at any time by completing the census again, and the changes take effect immediately after submission. However, note that reporting on the census data is as of a fixed point in time. This means any changes to your responses will only be reflected in upcoming or future reports prepared after the update; the changes will not be reflected on any current or previous reports.

Yes. Although both surveys have similar questions, the data collected from the Student Survey is managed separately from the Employment Equity Census.

Yes. Although both surveys have similar questions, the data collected from the Applicant Diversity Survey is managed separately from the Employment Equity Census.

Please refer to the Employment Equity Program for more information or contact