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Multicultural Calendar & Events

Multicultural Calendar

The 2022 Multicultural Calendar is titled “Power of Connection”. Connection is an energy exchange between people, animals and the Earth. It has the power to deepen the bond between people, inspire change and build trust. This basic need to form, grow and sustain relationships and to belong to a group, team or family, is universal. We are social creatures who crave human interaction. Now more than ever, we all need real connection, dependable emotional support, and a feeling of belonging — whoever we are, wherever we are.

The 29th edition continues to grow in popularity with corporations, universities, banks, hospitals, social service agencies and the government. This unique and informative 2022 Diversity Calendar incorporates hundreds of multifaith, multicultural and diversity related holidays and observances.

Source: Multicultural Calendar | Celebrating Unity in Diversity

Employment Equity Forum

Human Resources, in collaboration with key partners, has hosted two Employment Equity Forums and Visioning Conversations intended to engage staff and faculty in a collective visioning session, elicit feedback, gain useful insights, and facilitate engagement as we embark on implementing key employment equity initiatives over the next year.

2018 Employment Equity Forum

2019 Employment Equity Forum