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Tax Information

Taxes are deducted from your earnings according to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) legislation. Information on the latest tax forms and accessing tax slips can be found on this page.

TD1 Forms

2023 TD1 Federal and Provincial Personal Exemption amounts effective January 1, 2023

Your current Federal and Provincial exemption amounts on file for 2023 are printed on your pay statement – please check your first pay statement with a January 2023 deposit date. These are the amounts used to calculate your income tax payable for the 2023 taxation year.

Please complete a 2023 TD1 Personal Tax Credits Return if one of the following scenarios applies:

  • claiming other than the Basic Personal Exemption amount
  • changing your current claim to the Basic Personal Exemption amount
  • requesting Additional Tax deductions (recommended if your net income from all sources will be greater than $155,625)

We encourage all employees who have previously made an election of exempt to review their personal tax situation and submit updated forms to HR if required.

Forward completed/signed Federal and Provincial forms to



Federal TD1 Tax Exemption

2023 Personal Tax Credits Return - Federal Form


Ontario TD1 Tax Exemption

2023 Personal Tax Credits Return - Ontario Provincial Form


Application for Individual Tax Number (ITN) for Non-Residents

Non-residents to fill this out this form to accompany the Non-Resident Tax Waiver form if no Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Individual Tax Number (ITN) has been issued.

T4 and T4A Slips

T4 tax slips are provided to McMaster University employees by electronic delivery through Mosaic.  Electronic delivery is fast, secure, and allows employees to print tax slips at their convenience or to download a digital copy of their slip. Recent amendments to the Income Tax Act now allow employers to use electronic distribution of T4 tax slips and the Canada Revenue Agency recognizes electronic delivery as a valid means of providing tax slips to individuals.

The 2022 employee T4 slips will be available February 28, 2023 in accordance with the annual deadline set by the Canada Revenue Agency.

For those employees who had previously withdrawn their consent to receive their T4A slips electronically and would like to receive an electronic copy of your T4A, please confirm consent to access your slip information in Employee Self Service. For those employees who did not give consent or withdrew consent prior to the date that the annual tax slips were produced, a T4A paper copy will continue to be mailed to the current address on file.

To confirm consent to receive your T4A Slip online through Mosaic, or withdraw your consent in order to receive a paper copy:

  • Use the drop down on your Mosaic Home page and select the Employee Self Service option
  • Click on the Payroll Dashboard tile
  • Click on the Opt for Electronic T4A Slip tile to provide your consent
  • If you need additional information on how-to change your T4A consent status, please refer to the “Quick Reference Guide” or “How To Guide
  • If you withdraw your consent for electronic delivery, the change will only be effective for the subsequent annual production of T4A slips (i.e.: changing your status does not trigger an individual slip to be mailed at the time you update your consent status)
    • Important Note: In order to be able to view your T4A slip online in Mosaic, you must have provided your consent for electronic delivery

To view your electronic T4 or T4A tax slip on Mosaic:

  • Use the drop down on your Mosaic Home page and select the Employee Self Service option
  • Click on the Payroll Dashboard Tile
  • Click on the View T4/T4A Slips tile to download your electronic T4/T4A slips
  • If you need additional information on how-to access your tax slips online, please refer to one of the following helpful guides below

Alternatively, to view your T4 or T4A tax slip on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) ‘MyAccount for Individuals’ website portal:

  • An additional option available to you is to access your T4 or T4A tax slip information directly from the Canada Revenue Agency’s secure ‘MyAccount’ website
  • CRA MyAccount help information
  • Please note, in order to set-up your login for CRA’s MyAccount to gain full access to your tax information, you will first need to receive a ‘CRA Security Code’ which the Canada Revenue Agency normally delivers to you via mail once you have completed the initial ‘MyAccount’ set-up steps.  For additional assistance in obtaining the ‘CRA Security Code’ you can phone the CRA’s “Individual tax enquiries” telephone support line:  1-800-959-8281 (Canada and United States)

Understanding your T4 or T4A tax slip(s):

  • Information to help you understand your T4 (Statement of Remuneration Paid), or your T4A (Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income), is available on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website

If replacement slips are required for any reason or you have any questions, please contact your HR Advisor or call us at 222-HR (22247).

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