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Total Rewards for TMG

The Management Group (TMG) includes directors and managers with supervisory responsibility and employees without supervisory responsibility and who are exempt from unionized employee groups due to the confidential nature of the work they perform.

Total Rewards Overview

Rewarding Our Leaders Total Rewards Overview

COMING SOON - An overview of the total rewards program for members of TMG  | 


Salary Ranges for TMG

Salary ranges for TMG, outlining the minimum, fully competnent target and maximum for each band.  | PDF

TMG Total Rewards Philosophy

Philosophy of the Total Rewards program for members of TMG | PDF

Total Rewards Policy for Employees in TMG

This Policy defines and outlines the Total Rewards program provisions for employees in TMG who are covered by this Policy.  | PDF

Guidelines for Cash Compensation Administration for Employees in TMG

Guidelines to assist leaders to determine reasonable and appropriate compensation adjustments for TMG.  | PDF


Effective July 1, 2019, your benefit plan incorporated the following changes:

  • Expanded Mental Health Benefits: Maximum coverage of $3,000 per person (including eligible dependents) per benefit year, in total for services received by registered psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists.
  • Improved Dental Claims process: The University will allow assignment of dental claims to the dental office, where available. TMG members will pay the dental office the difference between the total bill and the amount paid by the McMaster plan

TMG Benefit Booklet

Benefit Booklet for The Management Group (TMG), effective July 1, 2019 | PDF

LTD Premium Rates (TMG)

Document that outlines LTD Premium Rates as of July 1, 2021 for TMG. | PDF

Retirement Plans

Highlights of the McMaster University Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Members of TMG

Document that outlines the highlights of the Group RRSP for TMG Members. | PDF

TMG Pension Plan Highlights Document

Updated January 1, 2021 | PDF

How to Read your 2020 Annual Pension Statement – Salaried Plan

Document that is intended to help employees understand their annual pension statement (Salaried Plan). | PDF

Paid Time Off

TMG Vacation Entitlement

Vacation Entitlement for Members of The Management Group (TMG) | PDF

TMG Management Days Policy

Policy that outlines the eligibility and procedures for TMG Management Days (Date of most recent approval: July 2021) | PDF

TMG Time and Leave Provisions for Managers of Employees in TMG

Document that outlines all the different leaves available to TMG employees. (Last Updated: July 2019) | PDF

Deferred Salary Leave Policy

Policy that outlines all important information about TMG deferred salary leaves. (Date of most recent approval: November 2005) | PDF


Pregnancy and Parental Leave Policy for TMG

Policy that outlines all necessary information for pregnancy/parental leaves for TMG. | PDF

Learning and Development

MPDA Policy for TMG Members

Policy that outlines the benefits, eligibility, use of funds, etc. for the Management Professional Development Allowance for TMG employees. (Date of most recent approval: June 2021) | PDF

Job Design and Evaluation

TMG Total Compensation Re-Design

Annual Salary Review

TMG Calibration Resource Guide

Guide to assist with the calibration process for the TMG merit process. | PDF

TMG Merit Groupings

Merit groupings for the TMG annual salary review process.  | PDF

Performance Management

ePerformance Employee Tip Sheet

Document that outlines the information needed by employees to complete TMG performance reviews via Mosaic | PDF

ePerformance Manager Tip Sheet

Document that provides supplementary information for Managers using ePerformance | PDF

Achievement Levels and Definitions

Document that outlines the three level of achievement for the TMG Achievement Program. | PDF

Annual Objectives and Goals for TMG – Form

Form for Annual Objectives and Goals for TMG. | DOC

Annual Objectives and Development Goals for TMG – Instructions

Document that outlines the TMG Achievement Program for Annual Objectives and Development Goals, including helpful resources. | PDF