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Post-Retirement Benefits for Staff (Unifor Local 5555, Unit 1)

Unifor Local 5555, Unit 1 employees (formerly CAW, MUSA), should refer to their Collective Agreement for details regarding Post-Retirement Benefit Eligibility.

Benefit Booklets

Benefit entitlements change upon Retirement, so it is important to review your entitlements in your Retiree benefit booklet.


Unifor Unit 1 (Plan 5) Retired on or after January 1, 2013 Benefit Booklet

Benefit Booklet for Retired Unifor Unit 1 / CAW, retired on or after January 2013


MUSA (Plan 4) Retired between July 1, 1998 – December 31, 2012 Benefit Booklet

Benefit Booklet for Retired MUSA (Plan 4), retired between July 1998 and December 2012


MUSA (Plan 3) Retired between December 1, 1996 – June 30, 1998 Benefit Booklet

Benefit Booklet for MUSA staff, retired between December 1996 and June 1998


MUSA (Plan 2) Retired between July 1, 1994 – November 30, 1996 Benefit Booklet

Benefit Booklet for Retired MUSA staff, retired between July 1994 and November 1996


MUSA (Plan 1) Retired on or before June 30, 1994 Benefit Booklet

Benefit Booklet for Retired MUSA staff, retired before June 1994

The Benefit Booklets provided above are the official documents which outline benefit coverage.  There are other tools available, such as the Drug Lookup Tool provided on the Sun Life website (, that may help you with understanding whether specific items are covered).  While the Drug Lookup Tool is a convenient feature, it currently provides information about pay-direct drugs only.  Other drugs, such as vaccines which are not available through the pay-direct card and have to be submitted with a paper claim, are not included in the Drug Lookup Tool.

Sun Life regularly looks at the claiming and administrative practices of medical and dental healthcare service providers and pharmacies.  Sometimes, the review will lead to delisting.  If you receive healthcare services or supplies from a delisted provider, Sun Life will not reimburse you for your expenses.  You can still choose to obtain services or supplies from a delisted provider; however, your claim will be denied.  You can see a list of providers by province by logging into your My Sun Life account.  You are encouraged to check this list before you make an appointment, so you don’t unknowingly use a delisted provider.  Additional information can be found here.

To understand your benefit plan coverage, refer to the appropriate booklet above.  If you have questions about your benefit plan provisions and would like to enquire about available coverage for specific items, you can also contact Sun Life at 1-800-361-6212.  In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency of information, the Benefit Booklets will govern.

Out-of-Province/Country Emergency Medical Coverage

Group Life Insurance