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Occupational Safety

Health and Safety Responsibilities for Managers, Supervisors and Workers are clearly outlined in RMM #102 Occupational Health and Safety Act. More information can be obtained for managers and supervisors by attending Due Diligence training.


McMaster has a Workplace Environmental Health and Safety Policy that is reviewed by the Central Health and Safety Committee each year as well as signed by our President Patrick Deane. The policy speaks to the commitment of health and safety by all workplace parties to include students, visitors and volunteers.

Health and Safety Policy

This element speaks to responsibilities as well as accountability of all parties to include contractors and visitors.

A visitor’s log is to be used within restricted areas of the workplace i.e. facility services shops, hospitality kitchens, nuclear reactor and level 2 and 3 labs.  All visitors who are temporarily entering the workplace and may be admitted to areas generally off limits to the public need to be signed in and out using the visitor’s log found in the appendix of RMM 102.

The visitor is on business but is not under contract. This program also discusses non-routine work and the need to refresh training.


Information Box Group

Violence and Harassment Prevention in the Workplace Learn More

McMaster continues to be committed to provide and maintain healthy and safe working and learning environments for all employees, students, volunteers and visitors.

Fire Safety Learn More

We encourage all members of the McMaster community to take a moment to review some basic fire safety considerations.

Standard Operating Procedures Learn More

Template Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

First Aid Requirements Learn More

The Faculty of Health Sciences Safety Office will be sending out requests to verify your participation in this program.

This focuses in on our ability to provide speedy first aid treatment to employees who have received minor injuries.  The First Aid Regulations 1101 provide the direction to comply with this section.

Inspection Checklists


Forklift Daily Inspection Checklist

Checklist for forklift inspection.


Hoist-Crane Daily Inspection Checklist

Inspection checklist for hoist/crane


Ladder Inspection Checklist

Checklist for ladder inspections.


Dock Leveler Operator Daily Checklist

Checklist for dock leveler operators.


Vehicle Circle Check for Material Handling and Trucking

Daily vehicle circle check for Facility Services material handling and trucking.