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Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance protects your professional income with when you stop working due to a serious illness or injury. The information provided below applies to the Long-Term Disability Plan that is insured by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada on behalf of McMaster University. The information below does not apply to members of Clinical Faculty who participate in the disability insurance plan that is underwritten by RBC Insurance.

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Long Term Disability Frequently Asked Questions

Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance provides employees with income protection in case they are unable to work for an extended period due to illness or disability. If an employee becomes unable to work and loses their employment income as a result, as long as they meet disability criteria as evaluated by the insurer, they receive LTD benefits.

McMaster’s LTD Plan (the “Plan”) provides a benefit to eligible members of Faculty, Librarians, Unifor, The Management Group (TMG) and Others (including unranked faculty and employees of affiliate employers) who become totally disabled while covered by the Plan. The LTD Plan is 100% employee-paid; therefore, the LTD benefit payments an employee receives when on LTD are not taxed as income.  McMaster University is not permitted to contribute any portion of the premium as it would render the benefits taxable, as per the Income Tax Act. Participation in the LTD Plan is mandatory and is a condition of employment for eligible employees. The threshold for entitlement to LTD benefits is based on total disability. Sun Life, as the LTD provider, reviews medical documentation and determines the level of disability and entitlement to benefits. The goal of the LTD program is to incorporate treatment programs geared toward return to work, as appropriate, and to help employees return to work as soon as possible.

Effective July 1, 2016, a provision was introduced resulting in premium rates that are experience-based by employee group – meaning that rates are set for participating employee groups based on the volume and duration of claims incurred by members of that group. This change resulted in each participating employee group paying a different premium rate.  The representatives of the employee groups participating in the LTD plan were involved in the discussions about moving to experience-based premium rates by employee group.

Effective July 1, 2020, the LTD Plan became fully insured.  Prior to July 1, 2020, the LTD Plan was refund accounted which meant that depending on the results of the program each year, a deficit could result if premiums remitted to Sun Life were not sufficient to cover the cost of the program or a surplus could result if premiums remitted to Sun Life exceeded the cost of the program.  With the University’s move to a fully insured arrangement with Sun Life for the LTD Plan effective July 1, 2020 it means that any future deficits or surpluses that may result in a given year will no longer be the responsibility of the employee groups.

Sun Life conducts a renewal analysis to determine any required adjustments to premium rates. LTD rates are renewed each year and are adjusted for each employee group based on the number, duration and cost of claims incurred during the benefit year. When the number of people using the LTD benefit increases and the length of their time off work increases, the overall rate increases for the affected employee group.

With the extended premium rate guarantee provided by Sun Life, the premium rates will not increase before July 1, 2025.   Plan experience continues to be closely monitored and will be discussed with the respective representatives of each participating employee group as appropriate.  Any change in rates will be communicated to employees in the participating employee groups prior to the new rates taking effect in July 2025.

McMaster University strives to promote a work environment that is inclusive, respectful, healthy and safe.  The University has a variety of programs designed to support the health, safety and wellbeing of the campus community, including an assortment of Workplace Wellness Programs at McMaster:


Programs are also in place to enable staff and faculty to remain productive at work through workplace accommodations.  Employee Health Services also works with employees, employee group representatives and leaders to lessen the duration of absences due to illness or injury. This includes management of medical leaves during the Salary Continuance entitlement period, supportive return to work initiatives, and providing workplace accommodations to assist employees with return to work.

Mental health benefits are available through the Sun Life benefit plan and cover services provided by a variety of mental health practitioners.  Refer to your online Sun Life benefit booklet for a list of eligible mental health practitioners.

All of these programs and policies are aimed at providing support to employees and reducing the number and duration of employee absences.

Long-Term Disability coverage will end the earlier of:

  • June 30th following the day you reach age 65.
  • the day you retire.
  • the last day of the month in which you die.

Members of the pension plan who are on LTD and are approaching the end of LTD coverage should notify Human Resources Services to submit their intent to retire to ensure a smooth transition between LTD payments and their pension payments.


Additional information about the LTD Plan can be found in the Sun Life Benefit Booklet.

Updated June 15, 2022

This webpage is not intended to have legal effect. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency, the official Plan text will govern.