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Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

An important and mandatory component of health and safety at McMaster is a documented job hazard analysis (JHA) of main activities associated with each employee.  A job hazard analysis is essential in clarifying the work to be done in conjunction with the hazards and controls that are associated with the activity.  While reviewing a list of the main activities involved with each job, common hazards are identified.  If a hazard cannot be eliminated it needs to be minimized before the job is performed.  Hazards can be minimized by implementing controls such as personal protective equipment, written procedures or training.

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What is a Job Hazard Analysis? Learn More

A job hazard analysis form has been developed to clearly outline the workplace task to be analyzed.  Each workplace task outline (PDF document) identifies health and safety hazards and their required training.  These task outlines have been completed by a subject matter expert group.  Please refer to the training matrix to ensure you have identified all required training.

These forms have been completed for the main activities of our employees and broken down into the following templated JHA Forms:  General (TMG, Unifor, Faculty, CUPE, etc.), Facility Services, Security and Parking Services.

Completing and Reviewing the JHA Form

We have created a number of templated JHA Forms.  The JHA Form is to be completed with your supervisor.

The JHA form is to be completed upon hire with your supervisor.  This form should also be completed for position changes and new task assignments.

  • Select the JHA Form that best aligns with your position at McMaster (JHA Forms located below).
  • Once you have selected the appropriate JHA Form, select the main tasks associated with your position by clicking the appropriate check boxes on the left.
  • Each task has a PDF document associated with it.  The PDF document provides a review of the task details and outlines further training requirements.   The employee and supervisor review the PDF documents together.
  • A blank section has been provided to capture any main activities not listed on the JHA Form.  Additional site-specific training may be required with these additions.
  • The supervisor and employee should review each of the task forms carefully together.  Both the employee and supervisor sign the completed JHA Form.  Print or save the completed page.
  • The JHA Form is to be kept in the employee’s departmental file.  This form can be changed if any of the activities change over time.
  • Any site-specific training associated with the hazards identified require completion.


Facility Services (coming soon)

Security and Parking Services (coming soon)

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Requirements for Managers and Supervisors

Completion of these forms by all managers and supervisors is a mandatory requirement of the safety program at McMaster.  Requirements under the safety audit and the RMM 324 Job Hazard Analysis Program require:

  • All supervisors review the JHA forms with the employee and ensuring the main activities of their position have been identified.
  • Ensure employees have completed the required training identified on the JHA Form and in compliance with the McMaster training matrix RMM 300 appendix.

During review with the employee, you may need to tailor specific parts of the task section or other sections.  Please alter the form as needed.

For general inquires please contact us at or extension 24352.