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Total Rewards for Librarians (MUALA)

Academic Librarians provide support for research and teaching; lead the preservation, collection and provision of scholarly materials; and, are involved in independent scholarly activities. Librarians are represented by the McMaster University Academic Librarians’ Association (MUALA).


Compensation is detailed in the MUALA Collective Agreement.


Effective August 1, 2019, your benefit plan incorporated the following changes:

  • Mental Health Benefits – Maximum coverage of $3,000 per person (including eligible dependents) per benefit year, in total for services received by registered psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists.
  • Hearing Aids – Coverage of 80% of the costs of hearing aids prescribed by an ear, nose and throat specialist, up to a maximum of $1,500 per person per ear over a period of three benefit years. Repairs are included in this maximum.
  • Medical Devices: Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) – Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) receivers, transmitters or sensors for persons diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes up to a combined maximum of $4,000 per person per benefit year. Sun Life must be provided with a doctor’s note confirming the diagnosis.
  • Dental Claims – The University will allow assignment of dental claims to the dental office, whenever such service is available. TMG members will only need to pay the dental office for the difference between the total bill and amount paid by the McMaster plan.
  • Dental Fee Guide – The plan will not cover more than the fee stated in the Dental Association Fee Guide for general practitioners of the province of Ontario, regardless of where the treatment is received. If services are provided by a board qualified specialist in endodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, paedodontics or orthodontics whose dental practice is limited to that speciality, then the fee guide approved by the provincial Dental Association for that specialist will be used.
  • Optional Life Insurance – Insurable annual basic earnings of $100,000 multiplied by increments of 25% up to 1000% (increase from 500%) inclusive, subject to the maximum of $1,000,000 (increase from $500,000).


MUALA, Academic Librarians Benefit Booklet

Benefit Booklet for Academic Librarians (MUALA), effective August 1, 2019

Retirement Plans


How to Read your 2020 Annual Pension Statement – Salaried Plan

Document that is intended to help employees understand their annual pension statement (Salaried Plan).


MUALA Pension Plan Highlights Document

Updated January 1, 2021

Paid Time Off

Compensation is detailed in the MUALA Collective Agreement.

Learning and Development


Librarian Professional Development Allowance Plan (LPDA) Policy and Procedures

Librarian Professional Development Allowance Plan (LPDA) Policy and Procedures is managed by the McMaster University Secretariat`s Office. (Board approved)